DJ MP Presents:

MDW Out East Back In The Day

"For Yacht Rides and Good Vibes"

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-Instagram: @d.j.m.p

-Twitter: @DJMP

Upcoming Gigs:



FRI 5/4- Brick+Mortar, Santa Monica

SAT 5/5- CINCO @ Brick+Mortar (Brunch), Santa Monica

SAT 5/5- CINCO @ Watermans, Hermosa Beach

FRI 5/11- Brick+Mortar, Santa Monica
SAT 5/12- Chelsea Pub & Lounge w/DJ Tetris, Hermosa Beach

SUN 5/13- Mothers Day Brunch @ Brick+Mortar, Santa Monica

FRI 5/18- Brick+Mortar, Santa Monica


FRI 5/25- GRVMNT @ Watermans, Hermosa Beach

SAT 5/26- Brick+Mortar (Brunch), Santa Monica

SAT 5/26- GRVMNT Saturday Night Turn UP @ Watermans, Hermosa Beach

SUN 5/27- GRMVNT @ Watermans, Hermosa Beach